• Dealers, Distributors, and Retailers

    Meet your direct customers from the B2B, B2C, or B2G sectors. The event provides a grand platform to exhibit your products and services at the Exhibition.

  • State Govt. – Sports Departments

    The Conference and Exhibition will provide learnings on the latest technology and other updates happening worldwide in the Sports Community. The government and sports departments can provide a lot of learning and have a direct connection with the entire sports community.

  • Players & Trainers

    The Conference & Exhibition is an excellent platform to Network and Collaborate with community members of Sports who will all be present there.

  • Sports Consultants

    Opportunity to network and connect with community members and various stakeholders who can help grow and expand for Consultants.

  • Educational Institutions

    Schools, Colleges & Universities can visit our Conference and Exhibition to explore more about Sports Tech, and the Facilities they can provide at their institute and also, help students by guiding them towards a better and more successful career in Sports.

  • National & International sports Federations and Associations

    With the entire sports community present, the National and International sports federations and associations can not only communicate with relevant stakeholders but also have access to all the major players in the sector to learn, expand and help grow.

  • Sports Academies & Clubs

    The Conference & Exhibition will be attended by various Sports Enthusiasts with whom Sports Academies work. The event is a wonderful platform for networking and learning.

  • MNC, PSU’s and big corporate houses

    Sports for all and All for Sports – The Conference & Exhibition provides a platform for every sports enthusiast. With the growing need and support for Sports amongst various sectors, the corporate community as well have multiple opportunities to explore the event. MNC’s, PSU’s and large corporate houses dealing in sports equipment and facilities can also exhibit their products and services to the relevant customers and stakeholders.

  • Importers & Exporters

    With the entire Sports community present at the Event, it’s easy for Importers and Exporters to meet and network with relevant stakeholders and expand the business.

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