Sports for Women

In the Conference & Exhibition, we are rethinking Sports for women and aim on encouraging the same across the world. Sports have a power to change lives and we will deep dive into finding the great achievement’s women have in Sports and how we, as a community help more girls come into the sports field and grow a successful career breaking the stereotypes and gender inequality, still existing in many parts of our country as well as the world.


Sports for Children

With the presence of various stakeholders of the sports field, from players, trainers, academies, institutes and also the government bodies, the event is a great platform to have access of information, services, facilities, products and platforms related to Sports for children.


Sports CSR

With the efforts from our Government, in order to promote Sports CSR in form of sponsorships or funding’s to encourage various forms of sports for social development, the event aims on focusing on the various CSR activities and bridging a gap between the two purposes.


Skill Development

Sports and Human body movement has a lot to teach us. It can help us grow in various ways, upskill ourselves and find out our true potential. With the medium of this conference, we hope to help participants unveil their true potentials and help in their skill development.


Adventure Sports

Adventure sports not only help us learn how to survive when the odds are against us but also how we can optimize the small things like breathing, food and make strategies to build a successful career path. In the conference, we will have some interesting story telling on life lessons from Adventure Sports.


Sports for People of Determination

One of the major focuses of our conference is to help players have a clearer idea and support to prepare for life after

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